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Polyverse Weekly Breach Report

Jan 1, 2019By Shaina Raskin

A snapshot of last week’s reported cybersecurity breaches and vulnerabilities

San Diego Unified School District
The San Diego Unified School District discovered a data breach in October that compromised the personally identifiable information of more than half a million students and staff. The breach occurred in January and was the result of a phishing attack. To read more:

City of Saint John
The City of Saint John’s parking ticket payment system fell victim to a data breach that they are still trying to figure out. The city believes the breach was part of the Click2Gov breach that impacted other cities across North America. To read more:

Evercore Investment Bank
Thousands of documents were stolen by hackers in an attack on investment bank, Evercore. One of the bank’s junior administrators fell victim to a phishing attack. To read more:

BankIslami Pakistan
The Minister for Revenue informed the Pakistani Senate that six million was taken out of international ATMs in a cyberattack last October. There was no evidence of the bank’s data being hacked further. To read more:

North Korean defectors
Hackers stole the personal information of around 1,000 North Korean defectors. The data came from one of the 25 defector support centers. The hack occurred after an employee opened a malicious document. To read more:

US newspapers
A cyber attack caused printing disruptions to many major US newspapers including the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun. The West Coast editions of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times were also hit. The malware, first detected on Friday, appears to have originated outside the US. To read more:

Nova Entertainment informed listeners that their personal information from May 2009 to October 2011 was leaked. The information included names, genders, and dates of birth among other items. The Australian company is urging listeners to change their passwords. To read more:

BevMo is warning customers of a data breach that may have exploited credit card numbers and other information from 14,000 people. The hacker was able to plant malicious code onto BevMo’s checkout page. To read more:

Orange modems
A security researcher found 19,000 Orange Livebox ADSL modems were leaking WiFi credentials. Attackers scan for these modems and exploit a vulnerability first described in 2012. To read more:

Reported Vulnerabilities

Balboa Water Group
Researchers demonstrated an attacker controlling hot tubs via a laptop or smartphone. The Balboa Water Group stated it will try to introduce better security systems for owners. To read more:

Electrum wallets
A hacker stole over 200 Bitcoin by hacking the infrastructure of the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. The attack began on December 21st and ceased after GitHub admins took down the hacker’s repository. To read more:

Last week Microsoft issued an emergency patch for Internet Explorer to fix a zero-day vulnerability. After installing the patch, some users of Lenovo laptops found they were unable to boot into Windows. To read more:

Emergency 911 services in a few states went down after a massive outage occurred at several CenturyLink data centers. CenturyLink said that a mysterious “network element” issue impacted service at 15 data centers. To read more:

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