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Polyverse Weekly Breach Report

Jul 2, 2018By Shaina Raskin

A snapshot look at the breaches and reported vulnerabilities of last week


A page on Comcast’s Xfinity website exposed customer account information to anyone on that customer’s network. Comcast shut down the API after they were alerted of the leak. To read more:

Ticketmaster UK

Ticketmaster UK alerted customers that it had found malicious software on Inbenta, a support-chat tool used to help major websites interact with their customers. Ticketmaster said that a hacker had accessed a small percentage of customers’ data. To read more:


This Linux distro alerted users that someone had managed to break into the organization’s GitHub account and modified the open-source project’s data. Gentoo does not yet know the extent of the modifications, and is working to regain control of the organization and its repositories. To read more:

Law-enforcement data

A data breach at an active-shooter training center exposed the personal data of thousands of US law-enforcement officials. To read more:


This popular betting platform left a password list for its back-office systems on its website. The site has since removed the document. To read more:


This marketing company left two terabytes of sensitive data exposed on the internet. The data included personal information on 230 million consumers and 110 million business contacts. To read more:


Adidas alerted customers who purchased from its website of a data breach. The hackers acquired data including contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords. To read more:


This online-survey and form-building service announced a data breach after an attacker downloaded a backup file containing sensitive customer information. To read more:


This secure-email provider faced multiple outages last week due to a wave of DDoS attacks. Researchers tracked the hacking group to Russia. To read more:

Reported Vulnerabilities


Cisco is urging users to install the fix for a recently disclosed denial-of-service flaw affecting many of its security appliances. To read more:


Researchers published three attacks against the mobile communication standard LTE, a first-generation type of 4G technology. To read more:

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