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Weekly Breach Report – Aug. 16th 2021

Aug 16, 2021By Shaina Raskin

A snapshot of last week’s reported cybersecurity breaches and vulnerabilities


Israeli organizations

A Chinese cyber espionage group has apparently been targeting Israeli government institutions and other organizations since 2019. The Hacker News:


Arcadyan routers

Hackers are exploiting a critical authentication vulnerability to hijack home routers and co-opt them for botnets. The Hacker News:


Poly Network

In the largest crypto theft in history, a self-styled white-hat hacker stole some $610m of cryptocurrencies from the Poly Network crypto platform, then returned most of it. The hacker said he wanted to expose security flaws in Poly. Business Insider: 



Electromed, a maker of products that relieve chronic respiratory conditions, announced a data breach. The company claims that the breach did not expose customer information. StarTribune:



The LockBit ransomware gang hit Accenture with a ransomware attack. The hackers plan to publish the encrypted files on the dark web if Accenture does not pay the ransom. CNN:


Morse code

Microsoft discovered a group of hackers using Morse code dots and dashes to hide attacks in Excel HTML. ZDNet:


Microsoft Exchange

Hackers are actively scanning and exploiting unpatched Exchange servers using a new exploit chain. The Hacker News:


Rust malware

Researchers discovered a new malware-as-a-service written in Rust that steals sensitive information from Windows machines. The Hacker News:



Researchers discovered a misconfigured AWS S3 bucket containing over 180GB of data that belongs to SeniorAdvisor, a ratings and reviews website for senior care. TechRadar:


Chanel Korea

After a cyberattack that leaked customer data from membership databases in the fragrance and beauty divisions, Chanel Korea issued an apology. Global Cosmetics News:



This Japanese electronic-components manufacturer apologized for a data breach that leaked thousands of files, including bank-account information of employees and business partners. ZDNet:



Researchers at CrowdStrike observed new activity related to the patched PrintNightmare vulnerability. CrowdStrike:


Trend Micro

Trend Micro announced that hackers attempted to exploit two zero-day vulnerabilities in its Apex One EDR platform. The Record:


Stolen network access

A new report found that the sale of network access on the dark web is a lucrative business, with an average sale price of almost $10,000. ZDNet:


NYC schools

A group of Brooklyn Technical High School students uncovered a Google Drive with teachers’ social-security numbers, student academic records and home addresses open to the internet. Bklyner:

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