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Weekly Breach Report – Jan. 10th 2022

Jan 10, 2022By Shaina Raskin

A snapshot of last week’s reported cybersecurity breaches and vulnerabilities


UK MOD Defence Academy

A cyberattack on the UK MOD Defence Academy prompted the organization to accelerate plans to rebuild their entire network to make it more resilient. Sky News:


An internet-based pharmacy service disclosed a data breach that impacted the organization’s AWS-hosted cloud prescription portal. Bleeping Computer:


Broward Health

A Florida-based hospital system announced that it suffered a data breach that exposed patients and staff’s personal and medical information. The Hill:

Tourisme Montreal

Montreal’s tourism agency announced that it experienced a cyberattack by the Karakurt hacking group. ITWorld Canada:


A data breach at a popular mixtape hosting service DatPiff exposed the passwords of 7.5m members. Users can check if they are part of the data breach through Have I Been Pwned. Bleeping Computer:

OG department store

A data breach at a Singapore-based OG department store exposed customers’ personal data of people in the basic and gold tiers. The Straits Times:


The fourth-largest wireless carrier in the US disclosed a data breach that impacted the company’s billing system. Bleeping Computer:


Hackers stole more than 3m user accounts of FlexBooker, an appointment scheduling service. Bleeping Computer:

Albuquerque Bernalillo County 

Government offices from New Mexico’s most populous county experienced a ransomware attack that closed public offices. Security Magazine:


A Norwegian media company experienced a cyberattack that shut down its computer systems and prevented the company from printing newspapers. CPO Magazine:

Fertility Centers of Illinois

A Chicago-based fertility center reported a cyberattack that impacted the health information of 80,000 individuals. Gov Info Security:

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