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Weekly Breach Report – September 14th

Sep 14, 2020By Shaina Raskin

Weave Scope

Hackers are using Weave Scope software, which is a visualization and monitoring tool for Docker and Kubernetes, to map their victims’ cloud environments and then execute system commands without deploying malicious code on the target server. The Hacker News:


Service NSW

Service NSW, a government agency in New South Wales, Australia, announced that a cyberattack earlier this year led to the theft of 186,000 customers’ data. ZDNet:


Tower Semiconductor

This Israeli specialty microchip foundry halted some of its operations after experiencing a cyberattack. EE News Europe:


Digital Point

Digital Point, a “webmaster community,” accidentally leaked 800,000 customer records. ZDNet:



This cryptocurrency exchange disclosed a security breach in which hackers stole the equivalent of $5.4m in cryptocurrencies. The Hacker News:


NorthShore University HealthSystem

This Chicago-area non-profit healthcare-delivery system said that about 348,000 people may have been exposed in a breach involving one of its vendors earlier this year. ChicagoTribune:


Fancy Bear hackers

Microsoft says this state-sponsored Russian hacking group has attacked hundreds of organizations tied to the upcoming election over the past year. Wired:


Fairfax County schools

Maze, a hacking group, has broken into Fairfax County Public Schools’ computer network and says it is holding personal information for ransom. NBC:


Banco del Estado de Chile

This bank closed all its branches because of a cyberattack that originated from a malware-infected Microsoft Office document. Business Insurance:



A misconfigured Elasticsearch cloud cluster potentially exposed the personal information of 100,000 of this gaming company’s customers. Threatpost:

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