Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Polymorph Your EKS Cluster

By Mike Sahari

I’m Mike Sahari; lowkey Software Engineer, highkey Coffee Enthusiast. You may know me from “How to Brew Good Coffee” and “Let’s Drink Espresso”.

I’m a Software Engineer on the Build Farm team at Polyverse, and primarily build and own the operational side of the build farm, and the overall company. In short, I handle everything from managing our AWS accounts, IAM roles and policies, Terraform deployments, and other operational duties that would be seen as DevOps. I also study and explore everything there is to know about coffee. If you ever want to trade coffee knowledge or even help fund my purchase of a Slayer Espresso Machine, find me on LinkedIn/Instagram @catpaladin/ or better yet, follow my cats on Instagram @le_mingu.d.

The Polyverse Build Farm is the product-behind-the-product that scales near-infinitely and rebuilds hardened Linux for ever host on the planet (more on that here: Polymorphing Whitepaper).

As the owner of all things infrastructure, I work with our partners and customers who use Kubernetes and find ways to simplify integrations. Today I want to explain how customers of EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) on AWS can easily secure their nodes as well as containers by Polymorphing them.

I have a webinar recorded, which you can signup to watch, where I demonstrate it live for you to watch, as well as a reference guide you can refer to offline.

If you want to share recipes for your Polymorphing use-cases, or want to record a webinar, please feel free to reach out. We like seeing how Polymorphing gets integrated. If you like what you saw and want to see other integration recipes, let us know by emailing us at

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