alpine 3.8
shell weakness #10


Weakness Breakdown


A shell weakness occurs when a program enables an attacker to execute unexpected commands on the operating system.

Warning code(s):

This causes a new program to execute and is difficult to use safely.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Alpine 3.8 shell weakness.

 		feh_add_timer(cb_slide_timer, winwid, opt.slideshow_delay, "SLIDE_CHANGE");

void slideshow_pause_toggle(winwidget w)
	if (!opt.paused) {
		opt.paused = 1;
	} else {
		opt.paused = 0;

	winwidget_rename(w, NULL);

void feh_action_run(feh_file * file, char *action, winwidget winwid)
	if (action) {
		char *sys;
		D(("Running action %s\n", action));
		sys = feh_printf(action, file, winwid);

		if (opt.verbose && !opt.list && !opt.customlist)
			fprintf(stderr, "Running action -->%s<--\n", sys);

char *format_size(int size)
	static char ret[5];
	char units[] = {' ', 'k', 'M', 'G', 'T'};
	unsigned char postfix = 0;
	while (size >= 1000) {
		size /= 1000;
	snprintf(ret, 5, "%3d%c", size, units[postfix]);
	return ret;

char *feh_printf(char *str, feh_file * file, winwidget winwid)
	char *c;
	char buf[20];
	static char ret[4096];
	char *filelist_tmppath;

	ret[0] = '\0'; 

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