alpine 3.9
crypto weakness #25


Weakness Breakdown


This weakness involves creating non-standard or non-tested algorithms, using weak algorithms or applying cryptographic algorithms incorrectly. Algorithms that were once considered safe are commonly later found to be unsafe, as the algorithms were broken.

Warning code(s):

The crypt functions use a poor one-way hashing algorithm; since they only accept passwords of 8 characters or fewer and only a two-byte salt, they are excessively vulnerable to dictionary attacks given today's faster computing equipment.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Alpine 3.9 crypto weakness.

     LIBSSH2_SESSION *session;

    char *host;
    int port;

    /* a list of CHANNELs for this listener */
    struct list_head queue;

    int queue_size;
    int queue_maxsize;

    /* State variables used in libssh2_channel_forward_cancel() */
    libssh2_nonblocking_states chanFwdCncl_state;
    unsigned char *chanFwdCncl_data;
    size_t chanFwdCncl_data_len;

typedef struct _libssh2_endpoint_data
    unsigned char *banner;

    unsigned char *kexinit;
    size_t kexinit_len;

    const LIBSSH2_CRYPT_METHOD *crypt;
    void *crypt_abstract;

    const struct _LIBSSH2_MAC_METHOD *mac;
    uint32_t seqno;
    void *mac_abstract;

    const LIBSSH2_COMP_METHOD *comp;
    void *comp_abstract;

    /* Method Preferences -- NULL yields "load order" */
    char *crypt_prefs;
    char *mac_prefs;
    char *comp_prefs;
    char *lang_prefs;
} libssh2_endpoint_data;

#define PACKETBUFSIZE (1024*16)

struct transportpacket
    /* ------------- for incoming data --------------- */
    unsigned char buf[PACKETBUFSIZE];
    unsigned char init[5];  /* first 5 bytes of the incoming data stream,
                               still encrypted */
    size_t writeidx;        /* at what array index we do the next write into 

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