centos 6
buffer weakness #32


Weakness Breakdown


Buffer overflows are one of the most well-known software vulnerabilities. Even though most developers know what buffer overflows are, attacks against the vulnerabilities are common in both legacy and newer applications. A classic buffer overflow exploit begins with the attacker sending data to a program, which it then stores in an undersized stack buffer. Besides stack buffer overflows, other kinds of buffer overflows include heap overflows, off-by-one errors and many others. Learn more about buffer overflows on OWASP attack index.

Warning code(s):

Easily used incorrectly.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Centos 6 buffer weakness.

 	ConnectionClass	*conn;
	QResultClass *res;
	int	ret = TRUE;

	conn = QR_get_conn(self);
	if (self && QR_get_cursor(self))
		if (CC_is_in_error_trans(conn))
			if (QR_is_withhold(self))
				CC_mark_a_object_to_discard(conn, 'p', QR_get_cursor(self));
			char		buf[64];

			snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "close \"%s\"", QR_get_cursor(self));
			/* End the transaction if there are no cursors left on this conn */
			if (CC_is_in_trans(conn) &&
			    CC_does_autocommit(conn) &&
			    CC_cursor_count(conn) <= 1)
				mylog("QResult: END transaction on conn=%p\n", conn);
				strncat(buf, ";commit", sizeof(buf));
				flag |= END_WITH_COMMIT;
				QR_set_cursor(self, NULL);

			res = CC_send_query(conn, buf, NULL, flag, NULL);

		self->cursTuple = -1;

		QR_set_cursor(self, NULL);
		if (!ret)
			return ret;

#ifdef	NOT_USED
		/* End the transaction if there are no cursors left on this conn */
		if (CC_does_autocommit(conn) && CC_cursor_count(conn) == 0)
			mylog("QResult: END transaction on conn=%p\n", conn);

			if (!CC_commit(conn))
				QR_set_rstatus(self, PORES_FATAL_ERROR);
				QR_set_message(self, "Error ending transaction."); 

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