Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

centos 7
access weakness #11


Weakness Breakdown


An access weakness occurs when software does not properly implement permissions that could have unintended consequences if exploited by malicious actors. An example of this weakness is when a default username and password are set by the developer but do not get changed by the system administrator.

Warning code(s):

If this call fails, the program could fail to drop heightened privileges.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Centos 7 access weakness.

         cci_debug_printf("%s Error getting Client Info (%u = %s)",
                     __FUNCTION__, client_status, rpc_error_to_string(client_status));

DWORD sid_check() {
    DWORD status = 0;
    HANDLE hToken_c = 0;
    HANDLE hToken_s = 0;
    PTOKEN_USER ptu_c = 0;
    PTOKEN_USER ptu_s = 0;
    DWORD len = 0;
    BOOL bImpersonate = FALSE;

    // Note GetUserName will fail while impersonating at identify
    // level.  The workaround is to impersonate, OpenThreadToken,
    // revert, call GetTokenInformation, and finally, call
    // LookupAccountSid.

    // XXX - Note: This workaround does not appear to work.
    // OpenThreadToken fails with error 1346: "Either a requid
    // impersonation level was not provided or the provided
    // impersonation level is invalid".

    status = RpcImpersonateClient(0);

    if (!status) {
        bImpersonate = TRUE;
        if (!OpenThreadToken(GetCurrentThread(), TOKEN_QUERY, FALSE, &hToken_c))
            status = GetLastError();

    if (!status) {
        status = RpcRevertToSelf();

    if (!status) {
        bImpersonate = FALSE;

        len = 0;
        GetTokenInformation(hToken_c, TokenUser, ptu_c, 0, &len);
        if (len == 0) status = 1;

    if (!status) {
        if (!(ptu_c = (PTOKEN_USER)LocalAlloc(0, len)))
            status = GetLastError();

    if (!status) { 

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