fedora 23
access weakness #56


Weakness Breakdown


An access weakness occurs when software does not properly implement permissions that could have unintended consequences if exploited by malicious actors. An example of this weakness is when a default username and password are set by the developer but do not get changed by the system administrator.

Warning code(s):

If this call fails, the program could fail to drop heightened privileges.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Fedora 23 access weakness.

 * security.h:  Security
 * Author:
 *	Sebastien Pouliot  <sebastien@ximian.com>
 * (C) 2004 Novell (http://www.novell.com)


#include <glib.h>


extern gboolean ImpersonateLoggedOnUser (gpointer handle);
extern gboolean RevertToSelf (void);


#endif /* _WAPI_SECURITY_H_ */ 

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