fedora 23
misc weakness #257


Weakness Breakdown


The software specifies permissions for a security-critical resource in a way that allows the resource to be read or modified by unintended actors.

Warning code(s):

It's often easy to fool getlogin. Sometimes it does not work at all, because some program messed up the utmp file. Often, it gives only the first 8 characters of the login name. The user currently logged in on the controlling tty of our program need not be the user who started it. Avoid getlogin.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Fedora 23 misc weakness.

     fMailBoxStatus = 0;

    if (taskBarShowMailboxStatus) {
        char const * mailboxList(mailBoxPath ? mailBoxPath : getenv("MAIL"));
        unsigned cnt = 0;

        mstring mailboxes(mailboxList);
        mstring s(null), r(null);

        for (s = mailboxes; s.splitall(' ', &s, &r); s = r)

        if (cnt) {
            fMailBoxStatus = new MailBoxStatus*[cnt + 1];
            fMailBoxStatus[cnt--] = NULL;

            for (s = mailboxes; s.splitall(' ', &s, &r); s = r)
                fMailBoxStatus[cnt--] = new MailBoxStatus(app, smActionListener, s, this);
        } else if (getenv("MAIL")) {
            fMailBoxStatus = new MailBoxStatus*[2];
            fMailBoxStatus[0] = new MailBoxStatus(app, smActionListener, getenv("MAIL"), this);
            fMailBoxStatus[1] = NULL;
        } else if (getlogin()) {
            char * mbox = cstrJoin("/var/spool/mail/", getlogin(), NULL);

            if (!access(mbox, R_OK)) {
                fMailBoxStatus = new MailBoxStatus*[2];
                fMailBoxStatus[0] = new MailBoxStatus(app, smActionListener, mbox, this);
                fMailBoxStatus[1] = NULL;

            delete[] mbox;
    if (taskBarShowStartMenu) {
        fApplications = new ObjectButton(this, rootMenu);
        fApplications->setToolTip(_("Favorite applications"));
    } else
        fApplications = 0;

    fObjectBar = new ObjectBar(this);
    if (fObjectBar) {
        upath t = app->findConfigFile("toolbar");
        if (t != null) { 

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