fedora 23
tmpfile weakness #35


Weakness Breakdown


A temporary file weakness occurs when a temporary file that is created and used by a high-privilege process is accidentally shared with a low-privilege process, on account of it being temporary and generated after all security controls have been applied. This allows the low-privilege process to read data from the high-privilege process (information leakage), or worse, influence the high-privilege process by modifying the shared temporary file.

Warning code(s):

Temporary file race condition.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Fedora 23 tmpfile weakness.

 	 * increased safety against this scenario.
	ret = pthread_sigmask(SIG_BLOCK, &all_sigs, &orig_sigs);
	if (ret == -1) {
		goto error_pthread_sigmask;
	sigblocked = 1;

	 * Allocate shm, and immediately unlink its shm oject, keeping
	 * only the file descriptor as a reference to the object. If it
	 * already exists (caused by short race window during which the
	 * global object exists in a concurrent shm_open), simply retry.
	 * We specifically do _not_ use the / at the beginning of the
	 * pathname so that some OS implementations can keep it local to
	 * the process (POSIX leaves this implementation-defined).
	do {
		 * Using mktemp filename with O_CREAT | O_EXCL open
		 * flags.
		(void) mktemp(tmp_name);
		if (tmp_name[0] == '\0') {
			goto error_shm_open;
		shmfd = shm_open(tmp_name,
				 O_CREAT | O_EXCL | O_RDWR, 0700);
	} while (shmfd < 0 && (errno == EEXIST || errno == EACCES));
	if (shmfd < 0) {
		goto error_shm_open;
	ret = shm_unlink(tmp_name);
	if (ret < 0 && errno != ENOENT) {
		goto error_shm_release;
	sigblocked = 0;
	ret = pthread_sigmask(SIG_SETMASK, &orig_sigs, NULL);
	if (ret == -1) {
		goto error_sigmask_release;
	ret = zero_file(shmfd, memory_map_size);
	if (ret) {

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