fedora 25
format weakness #8


Weakness Breakdown


A format string exploit occurs when the data of an input string is evaluated as a command by the program. This class of attacks is very similar to buffer overflows since an attacker could execute code, read the stack or cause new behaviors that compromise security. Learn more about format string attacks on OWASP attack index.

Warning code(s):

Potential format string problem.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Fedora 25 format weakness.

 /*  There used to be a switch to use bzero because it is more secure. JL */
		memset(ptr,0, size);
	return (void *)ptr;

int _synctex_error(const char * reason,...) {
	va_list arg;
	int result;
	va_start (arg, reason);
	{/*	This code is contributed by William Blum.
        As it does not work on some older computers,
        the _WIN32 conditional here is replaced with a SYNCTEX_RECENT_WINDOWS one.
        According to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa363362(VS.85).aspx
        Minimum supported client	Windows 2000 Professional
        Minimum supported server	Windows 2000 Server
        People running Windows 2K standard edition will not have OutputDebugStringA.
		char *buff;
		size_t len;
		OutputDebugStringA("SyncTeX ERROR: ");
		len = _vscprintf(reason, arg) + 1;
		buff = (char*)malloc( len * sizeof(char) );
		result = vsprintf(buff, reason, arg) +strlen("SyncTeX ERROR: ");
#   else
	result = fprintf(stderr,"SyncTeX ERROR: ");
	result += vfprintf(stderr, reason, arg);
	result += fprintf(stderr,"\n");
#   endif
	va_end (arg);
	return result;

/*  strip the last extension of the given string, this string is modified! */
void _synctex_strip_last_path_extension(char * string) {
	if(NULL != string){
		char * last_component = NULL;
		char * last_extension = NULL;
#       if defined(SYNCTEX_WINDOWS)
		last_component = PathFindFileName(string);
		last_extension = PathFindExtension(string);
		if(last_extension == NULL)return;
		if(last_component == NULL)last_component = string;
		if(last_extension>last_component){/* filter out paths like "my/dir/.hidden" */
			last_extension[0] = '\0'; 

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