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Polyverse Partners with the International Telecommunication Union

Geneva, Switzerland and Seattle, USA, January 12, 2021 –Polyverse, the computer industry’s leading provider of zero trust cybersecurity solutions, and recognized by CNBC as one of the Top 100 Startups in the World, today announced that it has join the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union as a Sector Member based upon U.S. State Department approval and sponsorship.

The International Telecommunication Union is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is responsible for issues that concern information and communication technologies. At the ITU, members from the public and private sectors partner to help shape future ICT policy and regulatory environments, global standards and best practices to help spread access to ICT services worldwide.

"It’s a great honor for Polyverse to join the United Nations’ leading intergovernmental agency for information and communication technologies. Polyverse is committed to securing government, telecommunications and enterprise infrastructure," said Alex Gounares, CEO of Polyverse. "We are excited to join the ITU’s global platform for public-private collaboration and helping to increase awareness of cybersecurity—making the world a better and more secure place for everyone."

Gounares added, "If today you assume—correctly—that your software systems and the human processes surrounding it contain bugs and other errors, what can we do about it? Polyverse’s key insight is to invert the model: if you can’t fix every bug, then can you make the bugs exceptionally hard to exploit. This is the core approach of zero trust software, and we hope that, with the support of the ITU, the U.S. State Department and partners, we can further its use worldwide."

About the ITU

The ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), driving innovation in ICTs together with 193 Member States and a membership of some 900 private sector entities and academic institutions. Established over 150 years ago in 1865, the ITU is the intergovernmental body responsible for coordinating the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promoting international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, improving communication infrastructure in the developing world, and establishing the worldwide standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communications systems. From broadband networks to cutting-edge wireless technologies, aeronautical and maritime navigation, radio astronomy, oceanographic and satellite-based earth monitoring as well as converging fixed-mobile phone, Internet and broadcasting technologies, the ITU is committed to connecting the world. To learn more about the ITU, please visit

About Polyverse:

Polyverse develops leading-edge cybersecurity technology to build diversity across multiple system dimensions, stopping attacks before they start. Its technology is used by government and security-conscious organizations to mitigate against zero-day memory exploits. It is also embedded into devices, hardware and security solutions to provide the ultimate protection against hackers. Founded in 2015, Polyverse is led by founder and CEO Alex Gounares and brings together top talent from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, among others. CNBC recently named Polyverse as one of the world's top 100 startups.

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