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Polyverse Corporation Raises an Additional $2 Million in Funding

Company’s groundbreaking cybersecurity software platform is vastly more effective at stopping hackers than rival technologies

KIRKLAND, Wash., April 5, 2016--Polyverse Corporation, a rapidly growing cybersecurity startup based in Kirkland, WA, today announced that it had secured an additional $2 million in funding. Polyverse is the first and only company to devise and apply a suite of cybersecurity technologies based on the concept of “moving target defense” (MTD). The Polyverse MTD software platform is orders of magnitude more effective at stopping cyberattacks than rival technologies, and can protect an organization’s server and cloud applications from end to end — from databases to websites to mobile and other remote devices.

Half of Polyverse’s latest financing round was provided by SpringRock Ventures, a Seattle, WA-based venture-capital firm that invests in early to late stage companies with high growth potential. The remainder came from Polyverse’s existing investors.

Kirsten Morbeck, managing director of SpringRock, said “Polyverse has an exceptional team building on a paradigm shift in cybersecurity. Polyverse’s software dramatically minimizes the potential damage to an organization caused by cyberattackers, and disrupts the economics of hacking.” Alex Gounares, CEO of Polyverse, added “We’re excited to partner with SpringRock Ventures on this next stage of our company’s growth.

Polyverse’s MTD cybersecurity software platform is a game-changer for the industry — it revolutionizes how organizations can protect themselves against the increasing threat from cyberattackers.”

MTD is a well-established field of academic study, but one that until now has not been developed into a comprehensive, fully functional cybersecurity platform. The Polyverse MTD platform makes it immensely difficult for hackers (whether outside or inside an organization) to execute large-scale cyberattacks or data breaches; moreover, it can be used in various combinations to pragmatically improve the security of existing IT solutions.

Instead of storing millions of records in a single or small number of databases, Polyverse dynamically partitions an organization’s data into vast numbers of secure containers. Each container has its own security and defenses, and the entire system is intrinsically self-healing. Containers rapidly cycle, resetting to a known good state and automatically eliminating any malware that may have been installed. Polyverse can also constantly scramble a protected system’s binaries, so cyberthieves must endlessly rethink their attack strategies.

Polyverse’s MTD platform leaves hackers with nowhere to go, and completely undermines the economics of cybercrime. It is as if a bank robber, having spent hours drilling into a reinforced concrete vault, is rewarded with a single penny.

About Polyverse:

Polyverse Corporation is a cybersecurity company using its Moving Target Defense technology to defend global enterprises and governments against the most devastating zero-day cyberattacks. The Polyverse polymorphic version of Linux® is the only moving target defense product proven in a recent U.S. Department of Defense study to stop 100 percent of zero-day memory exploits from buffer overflow bugs and the like. Polyverse’s turnkey solution installs in minutes and works with existing systems without changing performance or IT processes. Founded in 2015, Polyverse is led by founder and CEO Alex Gounares. Visit our website, read our blog and follow us on Twitter @PolyverseCorp.

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