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Overclock Labs Partners with Polyverse to Secure The Akash Network

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2018--Overclock Labs, creators of Akash Network, a decentralized protocol for provisioning, scaling and securing cloud workloads, has announced a strategic partnership with Polyverse Corporation to secure The Akash Network using Polyverse's Moving Target Defense (MTD) cybersecurity product. Polyverse's MTD solution, the Polyverse polymorphic version of Linux®, is the only cybersecurity product proven by the U.S. Department of Defense to stop 100 percent of zero-day memory exploits.

“Security is paramount for cloud infrastructure environments,” said Nick Alesandro, Overclock’s VP of Product. “Polyverse’s polymorphic version of Linux® is the only solution that lets us secure Akash’s blockchain nodes and also protect tenants from zero-day attacks across thousands of Akash-connected data centers.”

Overclock will secure Akash nodes using Polyverse’s scrambling compiler technology, providing high-entropy binaries that are unique on every compile while maintaining exact semantic and performance equivalence that are critical for blockchain performance. Polyverse’s defense provides completely automatic defense against some of the most severe attacks, enabling secure computing throughout The Akash Network.

The Akash Network is a blockchain-powered open protocol for cloud infrastructure that allows companies to sell space on their underutilized servers to developers eager for a competitively-priced alternative to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Akash challenges the oligopoly of large cloud infrastructure providers by unlocking the vast amount of underutilized servers sitting in global companies’ on-premise and colocated data centers, making them available for containerized deployments via The Akash Network.

About Overclock:

Founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco, Overclock is building The Akash Network, a decentralized marketplace and deployment platform for cloud compute. Overclock’s decentralized, open and secure protocols power the next generation of Cloud infrastructure.

About Polyverse:

Polyverse Corporation is a cybersecurity company using its Moving Target Defense technology to defend global enterprises and governments against the most devastating zero-day cyberattacks. The Polyverse polymorphic version of Linux is the only moving target defense product proven in a recent U.S. Department of Defense study to stop 100 percent of zero-day memory exploits from buffer overflow bugs and the like. Polyverse’s turnkey solution installs in minutes and works with existing systems without changing performance or IT processes. Founded in 2015, Polyverse is led by founder and CEO Alex Gounares. Visit our website, read our blog and follow us on Twitter @PolyverseCorp.

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