Introducing ExeTokens!

ExeTokens are executable NFTs

Polyverse technology enables you to encrypt your applications into an NFT (non-fungible tokens) and run them while encrypted. We support dozens of popular coding languages built in C, C++, Python, FORTRAN (and many other scripted and binary languages). We call them ExeTokens.

Applications challenges? 

Many applications built with scripting languages (e.g. Python) have high developer productivity, but are vulnerable to exploitation by bad actors.

Bad actors can “see” your code, making IP protection difficult.

ExeTokens encrypt code making it effectively unreadable.

    Scripted languages are often susceptible to Script Injection attacks.

    ExeTokens protect against script injection vulnerabilities.

    Where is my application running? Did I authorize that?

    Virtually all applications built in modern languages (Swift, Ruby, Go, etc.) or classic ones (C, C++, C#, .NET and many others) can be disassembled, copied and run with few controls to prevent unauthorized use.

    An ExeToken encrypts and secures your application as an executable NFT, and then generates a runtime which can only run that encrypted and NFT’ed code.

    Each ExeToken is easily configured to control your application's specific operating parameters and to enable you to validate appropriate usage at runtime. 

    When you build your application as an ExeToken (executable NFT) you set the parameters for usage (e.g. no copying, usage allowed only in the United States, etc.). In using NFT's we have built ExeTokens to do a key request and NFT lookup (stored in a blockchain) via our API on application startup. We validate the parameters associated with that unique NFT.



    ExeTokens provide

    IP Protection

    ExeTokens encrypt your code, obscuring readability by bad actors. Our technology allows granular control over application launching, permissions, tracking and more. 

    Key Management

    By leveraging NFTs, ExeTokens enable cryptographically-strong unique keys, tracking and validating ownership with flexible contracts through blockchain (Note that ExeTokens can be used with other key management solutions if needed).

    Cyber Protections

    Our technology provides comprehensive Script Injection protection and blocks readability of scripted applications.

    ExeTokens protect against application memory attacks including Blind ROP.

    Dynamic Logging

    ExeTokens allow you to dynamically inject logging into your application

    ExeTokens provide powerful protections and controls to applications built across dozens of languages. Contact us here at Polyverse to learn more or to try ExeTokens!

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