Boost Visual Studio

Learn how to install and run Boost

Installing Boost

To Install Boost from VS Code Marketplace

Go to the Visual Studio Code Marketplace for the Polyverse Boost extension. You may have to login with a Microsoft account.

Click Install in the Marketplace

Click on Install in the Marketplace and it will ask permission to redirect to your local instance of Visual Studio Code.

Give permission (if prompted)

Click "Allow"

Install in Visual Studio Code

In most cases Boost will now automatically install. If it doesn't just click the "Install" button and Boost is now ready to go!

Boost will appear in your VSC extensions list

Learn more about Boost in the main window

To use Boost click on the Boost logo in the left extension panel

Running Boost

IMPORTANT: The first time you start scanning code with Boost...

You will see approval request prompts to connect Boost.

You must have a GitHub account and use that associated account token when you use Boost.

WE DO NOT STORE YOUR DATA. We just need an authentication token to connect Boost to your GitHub.

Be sure to approve / allow this connection to your GitHub account or Boost will not work correctly.

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