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Boost comes with a no-risk, free trial

There is no cost to try Boost. Just install the extension and go.

Standard pricing for Boost is $10 per user per month plus $0.06 per KB of data passed in or results returned.

Your first $100 of Boost usage is free!

After you reach $100 of usage Boost will prompt you for a credit card in order to continue using Boost. You will be billed at the standard $10/user/month + data rate.

If in any month you do not use Boost at all there will be no monthly $10 charge nor any data charge.

If you don't use Boost it costs you nothing.

To Get and Use Boost

  1. Be sure you have Microsoft Visual Studio Code installed and running on your local computer. Boost works as an extension in VSC.
  2. To get Boost all you have to do is install the Boost extension directly from the Microsoft VSC Marketplace. Detailed instructions on installing Boost are here.
Get Boost

You must use your GitHub email address

When you run Boost it will ask for permission to connect to your GitHub account. If you are using your company's GitHub please use your company email address when registering your credit card.

You must have a GitHub account and use that associated account token when you use Boost.

We do NOT store your data. We just need an authentication token to connect Boost to your GitHub.

Be sure to approve / allow this connection to your GitHub account or Boost will not work correctly.

Your whole team can use Boost!

Use Boost for your team of 3 or 300.

Everyone can use Boost!

Each team member who installs Boost should use their company email address associated with the company GitHub account.

After your company's first $100 of usage (the total of any and all users using Boost with your company's domain address) you will be prompted for a credit card / payment option and billed each month at the rate of $10 per user per month plus $0.06 per KB of data passed in or returned. All users associated with your company's domain address will be included in a single billing from Boost to that payment option.

Boost Billing

Once your free $100 trial ends

Once your first time usage goes beyond the $100 free trial you will get a prompt window in Visual Studio Code to add payment information.

Click on Open Account Dashboard

Connect to Stripe

You will see a pop-up requesting to connect you to your account dashboard on Stripe.

Please click Open.

Your Stripe dashboard

You can enter your payment information in your dashboard. For team users be sure that you use your company's domain email address, e.g., for billing and select your company's GitHub billing org in VSC.

Set / confirm your billing in VSC

Confirm your GitHub Organization in Visual Studio Code in the lower left.

To change it or address an error then click the entry and then Change Billing Organization in the pop up. In the drop down appearing above select your company/desired billing group. For example you can switch from your personal GitHub account to your company's account.

Learn more about getting and using Boost

Learn more about getting and using Boost

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