Boost your code

You can convert your code with one click!

How about converting C to Python!

Grab your legacy code written in C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, PHP (we support over 20 languages, even COBOL!) and convert it to a modern language in one click!

Boost utilizes the very latest AI technology, OpenAI's GPT-4!

Run Boost yourself in Visual Studio

Install the Boost plugin and you can quickly convert legacy code to a modern language and platform right in your current build process

Here's the basic steps

Download and install Boost in Visual Studio

Head to the Visual Studio Marketplace for the Boost extension

Create a new notebook and load your code

Open the Command Palette

Select Create Polyverse Boost Notebook

Then click on Boost: Load File

Pick the programming language for output

We have many languages to choose from

Click the Convert button

Your code conversion happens with one click!

When you click the Convert button, Boost...

  1. Analyzes your code
  2. Returns a fully readable version in English (pick a language)
  3. Converts it to the new language of your choice - all in one click!

Ready to try Boost for Visual Studio?

Just contact us and we'll get the ball rolling.

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