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Boost has powerful cybersecurity protections

Use Boost to secure your application!

Got an old app that is mission critical?

Boost techology can encrypt your application, providing cybersecurity and IP protections and application monitoring.

We convert your app to our new technology, a Non-Fungible Executable (NFE).

NFEs are encrypted blockchain NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that can deploy and run while encrypted providing powerful protections against script injections and memory attacks.

By using NFEs we also create cryptographically-strong, unique keys for your app that you control. Your Boosted app won't run without your unique key.

Use the Boost API to encrypt your app

Boost uses RapidAPI to make it incredibly easy for you to integrate application cybersecurity protections directly into your CI/CD build pipeline

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  • What are NFEs?

    Learn more about how NFEs power Boost


Looking for the Polymorphic Build Farm?

For information on Polyverse's Polymorphic Build Farm and Polymorphic Linux technologies, please contact our partner SliceUp

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