before and after polyscripting


Stop code injection by applying Moving-Target Defense (MTD) to the programming language.

How It Works

Polyscripting changes the grammar of a language by scrambling the keywords used during lexical analysis. By recompiling the interpreter after replacing the original keywords with randomly generated strings, the new randomized grammar will be the only one recognized by the polyscripted language. If you think about it, the keywords we use are arbitrary. Replacing 'echo' with 'foobar' does not change the function of that command, it just changes the way the language recognizes it.

Next, before your website's code is deployed, it is transformed to match the unique scramble of the polyscripted version that your server now uses. Your website will only execute the code that is of the same scramble as the interpreter. Any injected code will not be recognized and will result in a syntax error.

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polyscript dictionary

Patch On Your Own Time

Polyscripting stops attacks rather than relying on patches that often come too late. The project is entirely open source and free under an MIT license.

Still A Threat

PHP code injection attacks are happening on a worldwide scale. Whether it be surveillance cameras or WordPress sites, hackers are taking advantage of programming languages' vulnerabilities. Polyscripting stops the attack vector, regardless of the vulnerabilities that still exist.

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