Polymorphing Build Farm

Stop Attacks Before They Start

Get visibility and accountability over your end-to-end systems while maintaining and securing legacy government servers and field deployed devices.


Increase government cloud security and decrease costs

Government and defense organizations work tirelessly to mitigate the risk from rapidly increasing and adapting cyberattacks. However, the enormity and complexity of defense and government server environment puts tremendous pressure on resources. These organizations often have to choose to either leave legacy systems unprotected or accept the expense of re-architecting existing systems to standards that are compatible with current security solutions. The Polymorphing Build Farm for Government is a revolution in cyber-protection that increases security while decreasing costs.

The Polymorphing Build Farm for Government enables any agency to own Polyverse’s polymorphic compiler and control the software supply chain of protected packages and updates directly on its own systems, gaining optimal visibility and management over patching and updates. New Polymorphed Linux instances are generated and deployed to registered devices every 24 hours, providing the ultimate protection against cyberattacks and cyber-warfare.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for Government cybersecurity

cost savings image
Cost Savings

No performance impact or required maintenance

Workforce Multiplier
Workforce Multiplier

Secure more systems with less

Increase Security image
Increase Security

Provides defense against unpatched and legacy systems

Get supply chain accountability and visibility

Government and defense organizations rely on Linux to power critical infrastructure due to its low cost and high performance. Unfortunately, given the very nature of open source, it isn’t possible to be confident in the origin of 100% of the code.

Since 1997 there have been over 65,000 Linux source code contributions from over 50 countries – many of them known adversarial nation states responsible for devastating cyberattacks and cyberwarfare. Due to the increasing popularity of the Linux family of operating systems, hostile actors are continually crafting exploits directly targeting Linux. This means that your critical systems, applications and data are at risk.

  • Increase visibility, management and control.
  • Protect current and legacy systems.
  • Single source solution.
  • Supply-chain integrity and security.
  • DoD validated.

Why DevSecOps Matters in Government

DevSecOps is the complete integration of security into the DevOps cycle. With this layered approach agencies can protect their full stack from their networking and cloud technologies to their physical infrastructure. A polymorphing Build Farm takes DevSecOps a step further by creating an environment where you can trust where your code is coming from and build and deploy unique instances all while decreasing the time it takes to patch and monitor those systems.

Enable enhanced compliance

Maintain compatibility and compliance

The Build Farm for Government supports a variety of compliance frameworks. From HIPAA to FEDRAMP and CMMC.

Get the list of supported frameworks and learn more about how Polyverse can support your agency’s compliance needs.

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Installation and deployment

Rapid deployment

We can deploy in the cloud on AWS GovCloud or in on-premise air-gapped environments, other deployment options available upon request.

Polyverse through Jasper Solutions, Inc SBA 8(a) has the capability to do a sole source in a matter of 10 days up to $100M per award. We have a ceiling of over $18B on our existing contract vehicles Our vehicles include GSA Schedule, AFWERX, SBIR, AF DecSecOps BOA, GSA STARS II, and 11 OTA's

Frequently asked questions

How does FIPS and other DOD certifications work with the Build Farm for Government?

How do you debug an entire Build Farm installation as each system would have different binaries?

Does the support team have Government Clearance?

Deployed throughout the DoD and Intelligence Community


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