Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source

Stop attacks before they start

Zero trust software defense for your software supply chain

Critical sectors such as government, utilities and the military work tirelessly to mitigate the risk from rapidly increasing and adapting supply-chain cyberattacks. These complex enterprises are under threat from sophisticated nation-state activity targeting intellectual property, sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

With highly complex production environments made up of open source tools, third-party products and software built in-house, organizations lack the visibility and auditability needed to ensure no security breaches occur. The solution is to put control back in the hands of those organizations. Polyverse’s Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source, a zero-trust software solution, provides complete control, full-stack protection and supply-chain integrity. It is an end-to-end, on-premise build environment that can handle up to eight billion lines of open source code, enabling you to trust nothing and protect everything.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for open source cybersecurity

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Total Control

Trust nobody, except yourself


Meet your standards, not theirs

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Know what you are running at all times

Get complete supply-chain accountability and visibility

As seen with the SolarWinds compromise, supply-chain exploits, when successful, cripple Governments and the most secure large Enterprises. What makes a supply-chain attack difficult to manage is the fact that a software supply chain is not actually a single chain of delivery, but rather a very complex chain of interdependencies from numerous vendors, open source repositories, CI/CD pipelines, configuration managements, and more.

By recreating from source, every single one of those dependencies in-house, the Polymorphic Build Farm enables organizations to own, operate, audit, view and control the entire supply chain and all dependencies. Literally every single component is built from source that you’ve verified, on machines that you control, with compilers that you have validated, in environments that are certified. 

A Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source protects the integrity of the Linux source-code. This zero-trust software technology is an end-to-end build environment for the Linux ecosystem that builds the entirety of Linux with enhanced compilers, custom configurations and code modifications to your standards.

  • Increase visibility, management and control
  • Protect current and legacy systems
  • Supply-chain integrity and security
  • DoD validated

Combining zero trust software and DevSecOps

DevSecOps integrates IT and development that breaks down the inter-departmental silos and enhances control, speed and agility. While this approach is extremely effective for application development, before Polyverse’s Polymorphic Build Farm no such tool existed to integrate the entire development stack, from the operating system to third-party services (database, web services, firewalls, etc.) to applications, into a CI/CD process.

The Polymorphic Build Farm provides this StackOps utility to integrate your Linux distro and middleware into your CI/CD pipeline. The build environment is versioned and integrates with version-control systems such as git, so every line of code can be inspected, verified and, if needed, rolled back. This fosters faster delivery of middleware updates that are integrated and tested along with your applications, increasing the agility of your IT organization. Polyverse has created a new category of IT agility and security that was previously decoupled and left to organizations to integrate on their own.

Enable enhanced compliance

Maintain compatibility and compliance

The Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source supports a variety of compliance frameworks. From HIPAA to FEDRAMP and CMMC.

Get the list of supported frameworks and learn more about how Polyverse can support your company’s compliance needs.

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Installation and deployment

Rapid deployment

We can deploy in the cloud on AWS GovCloud or in on-premise data center environments, other deployment options available upon request.

Frequently asked questions

How does FIPS and other DoD certifications work with the Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source?

Because each system will have different binaries, how do you debug an entire Polymorphic Build Farm installation?

Does your support team have government clearance?

Trusted by enterprises and governments globally

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