Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Embedded and IOT Security

Stop Attacks Before They Start

Whether it's a self-driving car, medical equipment or security cameras. You can't risk your product being hacked.


The ultimate protection for Embedded/IOT devices

If you manufacture or sell any sort of connected devices, hardware, or appliances, you'll most likely be keen to ensure the security of your products. Polymorphing provides the ultimate way to lock out hackers by building in diversity at the source code level.

Benefits of using Polymorphing cybersecurity

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Ultimate protection against hackers

Workforce Multiplier

Manage the source code

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Stop attacks before they start

How does Polymorphing for Embedded/IOT work?

If you put the same code in every device or IOT product that you produce, the attackers just need to hack into one, and they have the keys to the rest. Polymorphing provides a unique security offering that enables diversity of the source code inside your products. This means that even if one of your products is compromised, the rest will still be safe, massively limiting damage and exposure.

Polymorphing scrambles the source code at the binary level. By replacing your compiler with the Polyverse compiler, this code can be deployed individually or in batches ensuring enough diversity to protect your product from unwanted attacks.

  • No change to the source code.
  • No change to functionality.
  • No change to performance.
  • No change to developer behavior.
  • No change to user operations.

Automotive technology security

Whether it's to provide an enhanced driving experience, or to use AI and real-time analytics to reduce maintenance and support costs, most vehicles are now connected to the internet, and the cloud. Unfortunately that connectivity has opened up these products to a whole new problem -- security. Just one successful hack can wreak havoc causing more than just damage to reputation. Polymorphing brings diversity that protects your solutions from attacks at scale.

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Healthcare device security

The Healthcare industry uses devices and technology in every area of the care system. Failing to ensure medical device security can lead to personal injury, and financial and reputation damage for the provider. Unfortunately, current security offerings are not succeeding and breaches increase at a daily rate. Polyverse offers a completely new solution that locks out attackers and stops attacks before they start.

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