Polyscripting for WordPress

Stop Attacks Before They Start

Eliminate the top 3 WordPress attack vectors with Polyscripting for WordPress.


The ultimate WordPress security against code-injection attacks

Today, all hackers have access to the same WordPress and plugin source code that you do. These are exact blueprints from which they craft exploits that are then deployed over thousands of WordPress sites. The numbers don’t lie, 90% of all hacked CMS sites in 2018 were built on WordPress and 70% of current WordPress installations are vulnerable to known (and patched) issues. This puts decision-makers at odds: security teams discourage WordPress usage while content owners want the benefits it brings.

Polyscripting for WordPress represents a paradigm shift in cybersecurity protection. It completely prevents malicious code execution with no impact to program functionality or performance.

Benefits of using Polyscripting for WordPress

patching image
Patch Time

Reduce stress and urgency to apply patching

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Increase Security

Neutralizes malicious code execution

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Decrease Cost

No performance impact or required maintenance

How does Polyscripting make WordPress more secure?

Polyscripting for WordPress is a powerful new technology designed to completely neutralize code-injection attacks.

polyscripting scramble diagram

Polyscripting for WordPress removes the mechanism that could otherwise enable hackers to execute injected code on a web server, making this entire threat category futile. Polyscripting transparently scrambles the syntax and grammar of the language in which WordPress is built (PHP), thereby preventing any non-approved code, written in regular PHP from executing. Such code usually gets injected through the attack vectors like backdoors, remote code executions or file inclusions.

  • No changes to the source code.
  • No impact to program functionality and interoperability.
  • No runtime performance overhead.
  • No changes to developer behavior.

Detect never seen exploits

Any attempts to run injected code against a Polyscripted system are instantly detected by triggering a syntax error.

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Easy deployment on AWS

Polyscripting supports and integrates with the AWS WordPress reference architecture for single and multi-site deployments.

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