Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Polyscripting for WordPress

Stop Attacks Before They Start

The ultimate zero trust software solution for WordPress maintainers

Today, WordPress powers 38% of websites on the internet, but its success also makes it one of the most targeted content management platforms. The numbers don't lie, 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to attacks and what's more these sites are often vulnerable to known issues for which a patch is already available but not applied. WordPress maintainers diligently work to keep their customers' sites live and protected from these increasing security threats. Often times this is a losing battle as traditional security plugins add latency and extra work to monitor but without them the possibility of a cyberattack means lost revenue and customer trust.

Polyscripting for WordPress provides complete security without the overhead, enabling you to create and host secured WordPress instances. By employing a zero-trust approach, Polyscripting for WordPress assumes the vulnerabilities exist and protect you from them, regardless of whether you (or we) know about them. With Polyscripting, get complete protection against malicious code execution with no impact to program functionality or performance.

Benefits of using Polyscripting for WordPress

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Customer Differentiator

Differentiate your WordPress offerings from your competitors

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Security Without Overhead

Protection against all remote code-injection attacks

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Resource Impact

No performance impact or required maintenance

How does Polyscripting make WordPress more secure?

Polyscripting for WordPress is a powerful new zero-trust software technology designed to completely neutralize code-injection attacks. It seamlessly integrates within your customer environments without changing current behavior.

Polyscripting creates a unique version of WordPress by transparently scrambling the syntax and grammar of the underlying language (PHP) that prevents any non-approved code from executing.

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Polyscripting does not require vendor lock-in and keeps all of your source code exactly as it was before. It is easy to add or remove to your deployments and offers complete protection from common threats

  • No changes to the source code.
  • No impact to program functionality and interoperability.
  • No runtime performance overhead.
  • No changes to developer behavior.

Detect never seen exploits

Any attempts to run injected code against a Polyscripted system are instantly detected by triggering a syntax error.

WordPress security best practices

Is WordPress secure?

How do I secure my WordPress site?

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