Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Government Cybersecurity

Stop Attacks Before They Start

The ultimate protection against cyber attacks in the U.S. government

According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report the Public Sector is once again in the top three most breached industries in the United States. Some of the world's most critical data from social security information to home addresses and security clearances is stored in government systems. Meaning all government systems are major targets for a variety of types of hackers including nation states, organized crime and more. Without a robust cybersecurity plan it is impossible to be certain that this data is protected. While state and local government and other public sector organizations work tirelessly to mitigate the risks from cyberattacks the enormity and complexity of IT systems puts large pressure on already limited resources. What’s more, governments and the public sector have singular needs not often met by traditional cybersecurity tools.

In order to meet the United States President’s Management Agenda of IT modernization to increase productivity and security, agencies must implement agile tools that quickly and consistently eliminate multiple vulnerabilities to keep pace with the current pace of cyber threats. The Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source is a revolution in cyber-protection that automatically scales to fit your IT infrastructure, increases visibility and security while decreasing costs.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for government cybersecurity

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Increased Security

Defends unpatched and legacy systems

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Workforce Multiplier

Secure more systems with less

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Cost Savings

No performance impact or required maintenance

How does the Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source prevent cyberattacks?

The static nature of today’s IT environments helps reduce overall cost and enables organizations to create a templated repeatable environment. However, this repeatability also enables enterprise wide exploitation and gives your adversaries ample time to learn your environment. Of all successful cyberattacks, 80 percent leverage memory exploitation and coding flaws. If you put the same code in every field-deployed device or internal server you own, the attackers just need to hack into one, and they have the keys to the rest. With Polymorphing, Polyverse’s flagship Moving Target Defense based technology, you can create uniqueness in your IT environment where it would not normally exist.

On top of providing security through diversity with Polymorphing, a Polymorphic Build Farm provides supply-chain integrity, ensuring no backdoors or malware are introduced; provides the ability to lock down your Linux default configuration, securing your Linux image before installation; provides the opportunity to create point-in-time caches; and even gives you the option to scramble your in-house applications. Through managing your own code source repository, you can better ensure the security of your IT environment. By implementing Moving Target Defense you can protect yourself from ever changing cyber threats.

Cybersecurity for election safety

With federal, state and local governments continuously working to modernize their IT infrastructure often with limited resources, stopping cyberattacks before they start is critical. On top of that states have to keep up with new initiatives including securing election technologies made possible through the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

With a Polymorphic Build Farm get peace of mind knowing that by simply managing your code source repository, you are ensuring the security of your IT environment.

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Get cyber protection that fits your compliance requirements

The Polymorphic Build Farm supports a variety of compliance frameworks, from HIPAA to FEDRAMP and CMMC. Get the list of supported frameworks and learn more about how Polyverse can support your agency’s compliance needs.

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