Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

DoD Cybersecurity

Stop Attacks Before They Start

The ultimate DoD cybersecurity for today’s virtual and physical battlefields

The United States DoD and its subordinate organizations rely on commercial off-the-shelf and open-source technology such as Linux to power mission-critical workloads. These technologies provide high performance at low cost. Unfortunately, given the nature of open-source technology, users cannot be 100% confident of the origin of the code. Flaws in the code may make systems vulnerable to cyberattacks, placing entire command and control, supply, logistics, and communications networks at risk. As the popularity of the Linux family of operating systems increases, hostile and criminal actors are turning their attention to crafting exploits directly targeting Linux.

The Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source is a revolution in cyber protection that automatically scales to fit your IT infrastructure, increasing agility and security while decreasing risk for missions and commanders using open-source technologies. By implementing Polyverse’s moving target defense technology, you protect yourself from ever-changing cyber threats.

Benefits of Polymorphing for U.S. DoD cybersecurity

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Increase Security

Provides defense against unpatched and legacy systems

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Workforce Multiplier

Secure more systems with less

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Cost Savings

No performance impact or required maintenance

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Cybersecurity for military weapons systems

The static nature of today’s IT environments enables enterprise-wide exploitation by giving your adversaries ample time to learn your environment. If you put the same code in every field-deployed device or internal server you own, attackers just need to hack into one and they have the keys to the rest. With Polymorphing, Polyverse’s flagship technology for moving-target defense, you can create diversity in your IT environment where it would not normally exist, enabling every deployed device to be unique.

Cybersecurity for air and space programs

Cybersecurity is a serious concern for the air and space industry. With a Polymorphic Build Farm, you obtain software supply-chain integrity, protecting your aircrafts (manned/unmanned), satellites and other assets from zero-day cyberattacks.

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Cybersecurity for IT and critical infrastructure

A Polymorphic Build Farm provides supply-chain integrity, ensuring no backdoors or malware are introduced into your environment; allows origin control and origin management; provides the ability to lock down your Linux default configuration, securing your Linux image before installation; provides the opportunity to create point-in-time caches; and even gives you the option to scramble your in-house applications. Through managing your own source-code repository, you can better ensure the security of your critical infrastructure and entire IT environment.

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Product Brief

The Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source is a revolution in cyber-protection that increases security while decreases costs.


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