DevOps Security (DevSecOps)

Stop Attacks Before They Start

DevOps Security: Gain full-stack security against cyberattacks

From voting machines to customer data systems, organizations are constantly under attack. Whether the threat is to financial data, employee records or secure transactions, the stakes -- and the black ops value -- are high. Hackers are persistently adding new risks, compliance holes and costs to your software development and deployment efforts. By integrating security into your DevOps security process (DevSecOps) you can actively integrate security measures into your CI/CD pipeline. However, many DevSecOps practitioners only address one layer of the software stack. For this reason, the risk of cyberattacks remains high. To be effective, security measures must be implemented in depth. The Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source is the DevSecOps solution that secures everything from your Linux systems to your internal applications.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for DevOps cybersecurity

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Increase Security

Defend against the latest memory-based and fileless attacks

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Continuous Deployment

Deploy unique, secure instances on- or off-prem

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Cost Savings

No performance impact or required maintenance

How does the Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source prevent cyberattacks for DevSecOps?

A Polymorphic Build Farm generates a hardened Linux build that mitigates against configuration exploits and fileless attacks. Each Linux instance produced by the Polymorphic Build Farm is unique at the binary level, stopping threat actors from gaining insight into the polymorphed servers or services in your fleet. Exploits that target common vulnerabilities simply won’t work.

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Cybersecurity for the cloud

As you drive efficiencies and increase customer service by moving workloads to the cloud, you also increase the attack surface for potential attackers.

Polyverse Polymorphing for Linux can be installed on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to provide application security.

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Cybersecurity for operating systems

A Polymorphic Build Farm enables you to deploy unique operating-system instances on-prem or in the cloud without having kernel experts on staff. It does this without slowing down your deployments or distributing secure systems across your entire environment. Whether you’re using 25-year-old legacy systems or the latest containerized apps tuned for Kubernetes, a Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source easily secures your entire stack.

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Polymorphing for Linux configures your existing system with uniquely scrambled binaries without affecting the functionality of the system or its performance.


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To protect against old, new and future attacks by bad actors, you need to build security into every aspect of your software development workflow and system stack.


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