Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Finance Cybersecurity

Stop Attacks Before They Start

Protect financial institutions with zero trust software security

For financial institutions, protecting confidential personal information, critical infrastructure and assets, as well as other vital operational systems, is a significant challenge. Many organizations have understandably ended up with a complex and hybrid technology environment over many years with a highly diverse set of new and aging legacy technologies.

Technical teams balance day-to-day operations with maintaining critical systems many that must meet government and industry compliance requirements. Patching and updating these systems is often challenging and sometimes nearly impossible. Moreover, the window of vulnerability is widened as compliance regulations slow or even prevent updates from being immediately deployed in production.

By implementing a zero-trust cybersecurity strategy, organizations can help alleviate these types of security challenges. Polymorphing for Linux is a zero-trust software solution that mitigates all known as well as unknown memory-based attacks. With the protections of Polymorphing, you are strengthening the security of your Linux OS and gaining greater operational flexibility by reducing the urgency of patching and deploying updates.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for finance cybersecurity

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Increase Security

Mitigates known and unknown memory-based exploits

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High Availability

Protects you when you cannot or choose not to patch

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Maintains security compliance

Adheres to strict security compliance frameworks

Protection throughout your environment

Protection at scale

For organizations with large environments, Polymorphing provides the power to create unique versions of Linux—rapidly and at scale. When you run a unique operating-system instance, hackers are unable to craft exploits and attacks that target specific memory vulnerabilities, even when the OS or applications remain unpatched for known issues.

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Enables enhanced compliance

The Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source supports a variety of compliance frameworks. From HIPAA to FEDRAMP and CMMC.

Get the list of supported frameworks and learn more about how Polyverse can support your company’s compliance needs.

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