Finance Cybersecurity

Stop Attacks Before They Start

Protect financial institutions against cyberattacks - patched or unpatched

The attack surface for cybercriminals has grown considerably as financial organizations have opened up their systems and data to customers and third parties. Memory-based exploits that target vulnerabilities in operating systems make up 80% of cyberattacks. Patching is an arms race.

Financial institutions are at risk even if they have invested heavily in security. Eliminating all exploitable software vulnerabilities is impossible. Despite rigorous patching and dedicated personnel, staying on top is a challenge, especially for critical systems, where the need to deploy vital patches competes with the need to avoid downtime.

Polyverse Polymorphing provides a unique layer of security that makes it impossible to exploit zero-days and other unpatched vulnerabilities. This technology scrambles the OS at the binary level. Polymorphing removes the need for panic and out-of-hours patching and allows operational teams to move to a scheduled patching cadence. To find out more, read the Finance Cybersecurity Case Study.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for finance cybersecurity

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Increase Security

Protect patched and unpatched systems

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Time Savings

No more out-of-hours or panic patching

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Cost Savings

No performance impact or required maintenance

Protection throughout your environment

Protection at scale

For organizations with large environments, the Polymorphic Build Farm for Open Source provides the power to create unique distributions of Linux—rapidly and at scale. This enables you to not only strip away unused components for a smaller attack surface but also have a complete, auditable track of all OS code provenance from the kernel up.

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Protection in the Cloud

As you drive efficiencies and increase customer service by moving workloads to the cloud, you also increase the attack surface for potential attackers.

Polyverse Polymorphing for Linux can be installed on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Finance cybersecurity best practices

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What is the average financial loss due to cyber attacks?

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