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Healthcare Cybersecurity

Stop Attacks Before They Start

Immunize against deadly cyberattacks in the healthcare industry

Given the high value of patient data and the heavy financial penalties for failure to meet HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity for Healthcare and Pharma has become a big concern. To make things worse, the recent pandemic has also brought an increase in the number of cyberattacks, and greater pressure on operational teams and budgets.

Polyverse Polymorphing technology allows Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies to add a game-changing layer of security to protect patched, or unpatched systems from the worst, and most dangerous cyberattacks, protecting patient data and other valuable information. The technology also allows operational teams to move to a scheduled patching cadence, removing the need for panic and out-of-hours patching.

Polymorphing can also be used to protect the many connected medical devices that are a risk by building in diversity and uniqueness to the underlying OS. Polyverse is actively partnering with medical device manufacturers and medical device software management system providers to enable you to offer this unique protection to your customers. If you’d like to connect, please contact us.

To find out more about how to prevent cyber attacks in Healthcare, read the Healthcare Cybersecurity Use Case.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for healthcare cybersecurity

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Prevention, not cure

Protect patched and unpatched systems

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Time Savings

No more out-of-hours or panic patching

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Cost Savings

No performance impact or required maintenance

Protection throughout your environment

Protect patient data

Polyverse Polymorphing “immunizes” your systems by creating diversity. By scrambling the operating system at the binary level, Polymorphing renders memory-based and zero-day attacks useless without altering function, performance or operations of your OS. This adds a ground-breaking layer of security that protects valuable patient data from would-be attackers.

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Protect connected medical devices and equipment

As you drive efficiencies and increase customer service by putting data into medical staff’s hands, you also widen the attack surface for potential attackers.

Polymorphing enables you to scramble the OS inside the device or equipment. Replacing your compiler with the Polyverse compiler, this code can be deployed individually or in batches, ensuring enough diversity to protect your product from unwanted attacks.

Healthcare cybersecurity best practices

How can we protect patient data?

How do we maintain patient confidentiality privacy and security?

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