Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Security for SUSE Linux

Stop Attacks Before They Start

Protect your critical data and systems from attacks

Polyverse Polymorphing protects your critical applications and valuable data from the rising number of cyberattacks that exploit Linux vulnerabilities.

“The combination of Polyverse Polymorphing and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server helps protect against the exploitation of memory-based vulnerabilities, enabling IT teams to focus more on forward-facing, innovative projects that drive business value.” SUSE Executive.

Used by the Department of Defense to secure some of the most critical military infrastructure, Polymorphing provides protection against the #1 most dangerous software weakness identified by MITRE 2020 - memory-exploiting zero-day attacks - whether systems are patched or unpatched and without any negative impact on application performance or disruptive changes to working practices or processes.

Among common vulnerabilities and exploits (CVEs), memory-exploiting zero-day attacks are the most difficult to defend against and make up 80% of all CVEs. This is the kind of attack that breached Equifax and gave us the Spectre vulnerability.

Polymorphing protects physical, virtual and containerized workloads from edge to core to cloud.

Benefits of using Polymorphing for SUSE Linux

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Protect your critical applications and data

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Patch Time

No more out-of-hours or panic patching

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Reduce your security maintenance costs

Protection across your organization

Cloud security

Polymorphing can be used to secure workloads on AWS Public and Gov Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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Containers and Kubernetes image

Container and Kubernetes security

Deploying, managing and securing containers can be a challenge for any organization. Polymorphing scrambles the code so you can build and distribute ever-changing images for your Kubernetes clusters, protecting them from the most common exploits and zero-day vulnerabilities.

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Polyverse Polymorphing is a leading-edge cybersecurity technology that builds diversity across multiple system dimensions, increasing complexity and cost for attackers and stopping attacks before they start.


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Research indicates that the vulnerabilities attackers will most commonly leverage to exploit systems are buffer-overflow bugs.


How to buy

Polyverse is authorized to resell Polymorphing for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. We are also happy to work with your usual SUSE seller or reseller. If you would like a demo or to discuss Polymorphing for your environment, please click below.

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