Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Polymorphing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x

Stop attacks before they start

Polyverse supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux that has been secured by our proprietary and patented Polymorphing Technology. Please see our support page for all the support options.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6-8 customers who want to benefit from Polymorphing can raise issues directly to Polyverse with any issues, concerns or help.

With RHEL 6-8 specifically, we conduct extensive testing and validation to ensure we ship a product that meets extremely high standards across three pillars:

  1. Correctness: We conduct extensive per-package testing, as well as integration testing (by running representative workloads) on Polymorphing RHEL 6-8.
  2. Performance: We also measure the performance of Polymorphing workloads and compare those to non-Polymorphing counterparts to ensure there is no noticable effect.
  3. Regression: When a new customer purchases Polymorphing for RHEL 6-8, we create an internal regression test that represents, to the best of our ability, a representation of the customers use-case (the infrastructure and stack they may be using) to ensure we can provide pre-emptive assurance on all our builds.

Customers therefore can feel confident in using Polymorphing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6-8 to benefit from an enterprise-grade Linux with military-grade security.

Usage and Installation documentation for Polymorphing for RHEL 6-8 can be found here:

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