alpine 3.6
buffer weakness #243


Weakness Breakdown


Buffer overflows are one of the most well-known software vulnerabilities. Even though most developers know what buffer overflows are, attacks against the vulnerabilities are common in both legacy and newer applications. A classic buffer overflow exploit begins with the attacker sending data to a program, which it then stores in an undersized stack buffer. Besides stack buffer overflows, other kinds of buffer overflows include heap overflows, off-by-one errors and many others. Learn more about buffer overflows on OWASP attack index.

Warning code(s):

Easily used incorrectly.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Alpine 3.6 buffer weakness.

            /* Make sure we do not get into an infinite loop */
            if (0 == tsk_stack_find(a_dinfo->stack_seen,
                    fs_file->name->meta_addr)) {
                int depth_added = 0;
                uint8_t save_bak = 0;

                if (tsk_stack_push(a_dinfo->stack_seen,
                        fs_file->name->meta_addr)) {
                    fs_file->name = NULL;
                    return TSK_WALK_ERROR;

                if ((a_dinfo->depth < MAX_DEPTH) &&
                    (DIR_STRSZ >
                        strlen(a_dinfo->dirs) +
                        strlen(fs_file->name->name))) {
                    a_dinfo->didx[a_dinfo->depth] =
                        DIR_STRSZ - strlen(a_dinfo->dirs));
                    strncat(a_dinfo->dirs, "/", DIR_STRSZ);
                    depth_added = 1;

                /* We do not want to save info about named unalloc files
                 * when we go into the Orphan directory (because then we have
                 * no orphans).  So, disable it for this recursion.
                if (fs_file->name->meta_addr ==
                    TSK_FS_ORPHANDIR_INUM(a_fs)) {
                    save_bak = a_dinfo->save_inum_named;
                    a_dinfo->save_inum_named = 0;
                retval = tsk_fs_dir_walk_lcl(a_fs,
                    a_dinfo, fs_file->name->meta_addr, a_flags,
                    a_action, a_ptr);
                if (retval == TSK_WALK_ERROR) {
                    /* If this fails because the directory could not be
                     * loaded, then we still continue */
                    if (tsk_verbose) {
                            "tsk_fs_dir_walk_lcl: error reading directory: %"
                            PRIuINUM "\n", fs_file->name->meta_addr);

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