alpine 3.6
buffer weakness #268


Weakness Breakdown


Buffer overflows are one of the most well-known software vulnerabilities. Even though most developers know what buffer overflows are, attacks against the vulnerabilities are common in both legacy and newer applications. A classic buffer overflow exploit begins with the attacker sending data to a program, which it then stores in an undersized stack buffer. Besides stack buffer overflows, other kinds of buffer overflows include heap overflows, off-by-one errors and many others. Learn more about buffer overflows on OWASP attack index.

Warning code(s):

Easily used incorrectly.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Alpine 3.6 buffer weakness.

 		percent /= 100;
		sec_left = secs_done;
		sec_left /= percent;
		sec_left -= secs_done;
		/* Note, many localtime() will fault if given a time_t
		   later than Jan 19, 2038 (i.e. 0x7FFFFFFFF). We
		   check for that here, and if so, this run will
		   not end anyway, so simply tell user to not hold
		   her breath */
		chk = sec_left;
		chk += t_ETA;
		if (chk > 0x7FFFF000) { /* slightly less than 'max' 32 bit time_t, for safety */
			if (100 * (int)percent > 0)
				strncat(s_ETA, " (ETA: never)",
				        sizeof(s_ETA) - 1);
			return s_ETA;
		t_ETA += sec_left;
		pTm = localtime(&t_ETA);
		strncat(s_ETA, " (ETA: ", sizeof(s_ETA) - 1);
		if (sec_left < 24 * 3600)
			strftime(ETA, sizeof(ETA), timeFmt24, pTm);
			strftime(ETA, sizeof(ETA), timeFmt, pTm);
		strncat(s_ETA, ETA, sizeof(s_ETA) - 1);
		strncat(s_ETA, ")", sizeof(s_ETA) - 1);
	return s_ETA;

#if defined(HAVE_CUDA) || defined(HAVE_OPENCL)
static void status_print_cracking(double percent, char *gpustat)
static void status_print_cracking(double percent)
	unsigned int time = status_get_time();
	char *key1, key2[PLAINTEXT_BUFFER_SIZE];
	char t1buf[PLAINTEXT_BUFFER_SIZE + 1];
	int64 g;
	char s_gps[32], s_pps[32], s_crypts_ps[32], s_combs_ps[32];
	char s[1024], *p;
	char sc[32];
	int n;
	char progress_string[128];
	char *eta_string;

	key1 = NULL;
	key2[0] = 0;
	if (!(options.flags & FLG_STATUS_CHK) && 

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