alpine 3.6
obsolete weakness #33


Weakness Breakdown


An obsolete weakness occurs when someone uses deprecated or obsolete functions when building a system. As a programming language evolves, some functions occasionally become obsolete.

Warning code(s):

This C routine is considered obsolete.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Alpine 3.6 obsolete weakness.

   case VIDEOMEM_SIZE_64M:
      param->DRAM_CONFIG |= 0x0c;


static void DDR2_Init(PAST2300DRAMParam param)
  ULONG data, data2, retry = 0;
  UCHAR *mmiobase;

  mmiobase = param->pjMMIOVirtualAddress;

  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0000, 0xFC600309);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0064, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0034, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018, 0x00000100);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0024, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0064, param->REG_MADJ);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0068, param->REG_SADJ);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0064, param->REG_MADJ | 0xC0000);

  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0004, param->DRAM_CONFIG);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0008, 0x90040f);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0010, param->REG_AC1);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0014, param->REG_AC2);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0020, param->REG_DQSIC);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0080, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0084, 0x00FFFFFF);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0088, param->REG_DQIDLY);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018, 0x4000A130);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018, 0x00002330);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0038, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0040, 0xFF808000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0044, 0x88848466);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0048, 0x44440008);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E004C, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0050, 0x80000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0050, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0054, 0);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0060, param->REG_DRV);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E006C, param->REG_IOZ);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0070, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0074, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0078, 0x00000000);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E007C, 0x00000000); 

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