alpine 3.6
obsolete weakness #41


Weakness Breakdown


An obsolete weakness occurs when someone uses deprecated or obsolete functions when building a system. As a programming language evolves, some functions occasionally become obsolete.

Warning code(s):

This C routine is considered obsolete.

File Name:



The highlighted line of code below is the trigger point of this particular Alpine 3.6 obsolete weakness.

     data = MIndwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0068) & 0xffff00ff;
    data2 += data & 0xff;
    data = data | (data2 << 8);
    MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0068, data);
    MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0064, MIndwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0064) | 0xC0000);
    data = MIndwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018) & 0xfffff1ff;
    MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018, data);
    data = data | 0x200;
    MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018, data);
      data = MIndwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E001C);
    }while(!(data & 0x08000000));

    data = MIndwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E001C);
    data = (data >> 8) & 0xff;
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E720058, MIndwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0068) & 0xffff);
  data = MIndwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018) | 0xC00;
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0018, data);

  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0034, 0x00000001);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E000C, 0x00000040);
  /* Mode Register Setting */
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E002C, param->REG_MRS | 0x100);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0030, param->REG_EMRS);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0028, 0x00000005);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0028, 0x00000007);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0028, 0x00000003);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0028, 0x00000001);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E002C, param->REG_MRS);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E000C, 0x00005C08);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0028, 0x00000001);

  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E000C, 0x00005C01);
  data = 0;
    data = 0x300;
    data = data | 0x3000 | ((param->REG_AC2 & 0x60000) >> 3);
  MOutdwm(mmiobase, 0x1E6E0034, data | 0x3);

  /* Calibrate the DQSI delay */
  if ((CBRDLL2(param)==FALSE) && (retry++ < 10))
      goto DDR3_Init_Start;

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