Your code is readable

Most scripted code is easy to read.

And easy to copy.

Binaries can be disassembled.

What do you do to protect your apps?

What to do?

Where is your application being used?

Application code is easy to copy.

Do you know where it's being run?

Did your application just startup in Minneapolis or Moscow?

Is there a way for you to see and control this?

Find out how

Code can be exploited

How old is your code?

How do you protect it?

From Script Injections?

From Memory Attacks?

There is a solution

ExeTokens use

Executable Encryption

Polyverse enables you to compile your script or binary code into an encrypted application and protects it during runtime! That's the power of ExecTokens!

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The Power of ExeTokens

Protection using encrypted runtimes: ExeTokens protect against application memory attacks including Blind ROP and provide powerful Script Injection protection and blocks readability of scripted applications

IP Protection: Our technology enables you to have granular control over application launching, permissions, tracking and more

Key Management: ExeTokens use cryptographically-strong unique keys with tracking and validation of ownership of your application

Dynamic Logging: ExeTokens can let you know what is happening in your application, wherever it lives

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Polymorphic Build Farm

For more information on Polyverse's Polymorphic Build Farm and Polymorphic Linux technologies, please contact our partner SliceUp