Introducing Boost!

Boost AI: Complexity Simplified

Inherit someone's complex code?

(Or maybe it's your own...)

Is it well documented?

Got any security bugs?

Are you sure?

What about HIPAA or GDPR compliance?

Have you tried using AI / CoPilot to scan or improve your code?

We use them too but...

Have you ever been frustrated with its results?

Do your prompt efforts get the job done?

You know they use your code for training right?

CoPilot makes great inline suggestions but...

Do you really have your arms around your whole project?

See the big picture!

Scan the entire code base or project

Document everything and...

Starting fixing it in minutes!

Keep your code 100% private to you!

Take your productivity to the next level!

Boost utilizes OpenAI GPT-4

Have challenging but mission-critical code? With Boost's AI-driven tools you can rapidly analyze, document, remediate and transform that code.

Boost it!

Boost scans a file or your entire project!

It documents and explains all your code

It reveals and rates security flaws and compliance flags

It recommends and produces new code for you to use immediately!

What else can I do with Boost?

Create a full project architectural blueprint

Generate test frameworks and cases

Create detailed flow diagrams

Check code performance against guidelines

Check your code for data compliance

And much more!

How about converting your code?

Ask yourself...

Do I really understand what all my code is doing?

Do I have any security bugs... Am I really sure I'm not one attack away from having all my data published on the internet?

Do I have obvious or hidden performance issues?

Am I using the best frameworks and algorithms available?

Am I stuck submitting a few lines or pages of code when I really need my ENTIRE project analyzed?

Boost is an enterprise scale software architecture tool

You're not a script kiddy.

You've got big league, large scale needs and challenges.

Boost integrates smart AI analysis in every area - security, data, performance, scale, and more.

Modernize and secure your code.

Do it right with the right tool.

Boost runs in Visual Studio Code

You can download it and start getting results in minutes. For free!

How about a zero risk, too good to refuse offer?

Try Boost yourself... or we will scan your code for you


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