Cybersecurity as we know it is not working.

It's time to do something different.

A new approach to cybersecurity

It is 2020. There are multiple security solutions available, but cybersecurity attacks are increasing.

Lives are ruined, businesses are damaged, and the planet is at risk. Every day.

Polyverse approaches the security problem in a completely different way.

At Polyverse, we develop leading-edge cybersecurity technology that builds diversity and uniqueness across multiple system dimensions, increasing the complexity and cost for attackers and stopping cybersecurity attacks before they start. Our technology is used directly by Defense and Enterprise customers, embedded into devices and hardware, and sold as part of security solutions.

Stop Attacks Before They Start.

The ultimate cybersecurity solution

POLYMORPHING your Linux OS immediately protects against memory-based vulnerabilities, removing the race to patch and stopping attacks before they start.

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Code-injection protection

POLYSCRIPTING provides complete protection against PHP code-injection attacks — the biggest web application security risks; responsible for devastating breaches such as the Equifax Data Breach.

Trusted by enterprises and governments globally

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