Mitigate Baron SameEdit (CVE-2021-3156) vulnerability

Trust nothing, protect everything

Protect your systems from the most sophisticated attacks with Polyverse’s zero trust software solutions.

Leading-edge zero trust software solutions

Traditional cybersecurity assumes that perfection is possible, and that patches, firewalls and antivirus solutions are sufficient to protect against increasingly complex attacks. The reality is very different: traditional cyber-defenses are powerless against modern zero-day and supply-chain cyberattacks.

Polyverse’s groundbreaking Polymorphing and Polyscripting technologies provide protection against zero-day attacks, unpatched systems, and even complex supply-chain attacks. Best of all, it works seamlessly in your DevSecOps environment, with no impact on performance or operational procedures.

Polyverse: Stop attacks before they start.

Comprehensive Linux security with Polymorphing

Secure your new and legacy operating systems to protect against zero-day and memory-based attacks, regardless of whether you (or we) know about them.

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Code-injection protection with Polyscripting

Secure your PHP-based sites against code-injection attacks—the biggest web-application security risk.

Supply-chain protection with the Polymorphic Build Farm

Build an entire Polymorphic Linux ecosystem, from bootloader to kernel to your apps, enabling full supply-chain integrity over every byte of software in your system.

Trusted by enterprises and governments globally


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