State of the Art Memory Protection

ROP and Blind ROP protection

Many advanced cyber attacks rely on subverting and controlling an application in memory while it is running. These attacks can be extremely difficult for conventional cybersecurity techniques to detect and defend.

PolyX continuously changes an applications memory layout--while it is running. Code is dynamically moved and modified, mitigating even the most sophisticated attacks.

PolyX runs as an agent for Linux applications. As part of layered cyber defense strategy, PolyX can amplify the protection for Internet facing services, honeypots, and other services exposed to hostile actors.

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Polyverse Security

PolyX for Linux

PolyX creates memory protection against ROP and Blind ROP attacks for Linux applications through Polymorphic Execution.

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What it does, when to use it, installation guide, tips and more...

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Polymorphic Build Farm

For more information on Polyverse's Polymorphic Build Farm and Polymorphic Linux technologies, please contact our partner SliceUp