Introducing Boost!

Boost provides AI-driven code modernization

Old code got you down?

Boost converts your code to a modern language in one click!

Boost has AI-powered code conversion. In minutes you can take your legacy C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, PHP (we support over 20 languages, even COBOL!) and convert it to over a dozen modern languages.

Deploy your new code to Windows, Linux and MacOS!

Is your code...

Old, unstable and brittle?

Monolithic and hard to support?

Easy to copy and expensive to run?

Bound to an old language, server or data center?

How about converting your old C++ app to Python?

In one click you can do it with Boost!

Get off the iron, deploy to the cloud!

Boost gets you out of your datacenter and onto the cloud

Is your code stuck on a mainframe or in an old datacenter?

Use Boost to convert your code and then deploy it on any of the modern cloud-based solution providers

Run Boost yourself in Visual Studio

Install the Boost plugin and with one click you can convert your code to a new language right in your current build process

You can also protect your app!

Boost can secure your legacy app: You can add powerful layers of security to your legacy apps with Boost. Boost can convert your code to Non-Fungible Executables (NFEs) which provide powerful IP protections and prevent script injections and memory attacks.